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The Devils Brew

The Red Zeppelin

The Scandal At Bletchley

The Gunpowder Treason

The Pineapple Republic

Murder At Flaxton Isle

Mills &  Boon

The Ever Living Corpse

Something Useful

Conspiracy Theory

The Hand Of Turpin

San Doloroso

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Toronja (Capital City)

Simón Doloroso

El Hombrito

Radio Libertad

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The Scandal At

The Scandal At Bletchley

Hilary Manningham-Butler #1)

"I've been a scoundrel, a thief, a blackmailer
and a whore, but never a murderer.

Until now..."   


The Red Zeppelin

The Red Zeppelin

Hilary Manningham-Butler #2)

"You'll never get me up in one of those things.
They're absolutely lethal."


The Devil's Brew

The Devil's Brew
Hilary Manningham-Butler #3)

"Your predecessor was sitting in that chair when he shot himself. You can still see the bloodstains on the wall behind you..."

               A Poison Of

A Poison of Passengers

Hilary Manningham-Butler #4)

15th SEPTEMBER 2018

               Hilary And
                          The Hurricane

Hilary and the Hurricane
(a novelette)

(Hilary Manningham-Butler #3.5)

Belize, British Honduras. 10th September 1931.
As good a place as any to die...

The Pineapple Republic

The Pineapple Republic


Democracy is coming to the Central
American Republic of San Doloroso.

But it won't be staying long...


            Murder At Flaxton

Murder At Flaxton Isle
A remote Scottish island plays host to a deadly reunion...

The Gunpowder

The Gunpowder Treason


"A dangerous disease requires a desperate remedy..."    

Short Stories
Short Stories


Short Stories

Drama, romance, humour, suspense...

Just four of the words that don't appear in any of these stories.

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