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Costa Del Corpse

The Bonfire Night Massacre

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Hurrah For Hilary

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The Gunpowder Treason

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Murder At Flaxton Isle

The Wilkerson Farm Murders

Hurrah For Hilary!

“Hurrah for the Blackshirts!” the headline screams on 15th January 1934.

Hilary Manningham-Butler is less than impressed. She has inveigled her way into the January Club, an elite debating society which acts as a recruiting ground for the newly formed British Union of Fascists. The Security Service is concerned that the BUF may be receiving funds from a foreign power. Using her newly acquired contacts, Hilary is despatched to Rome to investigate. Arriving at the villa of a fellow club member, events take a sinister turn when one of the house guests meets with an unfortunate accident. Hilary is not convinced that the death is accidental and the Italian police are quick to come to the same conclusion. But can a police force in the pay of a fascist administration ever be relied upon to deliver justice?


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